Diving in Fiji

Known as the soft coral capital of the world, Fiji as the best in terms of climate and natural beauty Enjoy the luxury of diving in the warmest of waters whilst experiencing, first-hand, the marine biodiversity the South Pacific has to offer. Captain Ned Hill has spent long hours diving the oceans of his native homeland, searching for the best, most exciting dive sites available in this beautiful country. Ned is excited to introduce his guests to the wonders of the Fijian reefs. We have stocked our vessel with the newest tanks from the United States so our guests can rest assured they will experience the safest and most comfortable dives.

Whale Watching

Each year from July to October humpback whales return to the place of their conception. Tonga is a favorite destination for both the whales and whale watchers. High numbers of whales visiting Tongan waters each year make it one of the best places to see and swim with humpbacks. Want to learn more about swimming with these beautiful giants?


No line-ups needed. You will often share waves with only a handful of fellow surfers in Fiji, even at the iconic Cloudbreak. You’ll find breaks suitable for experienced surfers and learners, with a variety of left- and right-handers available. International competitions often draw big crowds to watch some of the surfing world’s biggest champions as they surf amazing 20 foot swells. Best surfing is usually between April and October, but there’s good surf year round. South Kadavu and Lau waters also offer great surfing experiences.

With up to 5 dives at new locations every day, you'll swim with eagle rays, groupers, turtles, sharks and more amazing natural wonders surrounding the coral. Pacific Quest doesn't stick to the busy tourist spots. Discover more of Fiji on a 7 or 10 day trip.
Pacific Quest staff, from the Captain to the crew, has been working and diving in Fiji for decades. You're in safe hands and it is our mission to help you from the moment you decide to book your adventure of a lifetime to the moment we wave farewell at the end of your stay.
Our friendly staff can help you with your decision and your planning. Pacific Quest operates from Fiji, so you can call us on the islands where we can tell you what's really happening and what amazing experiences you can expect.